The Silicone Solution and Not All Bloods Are Created Equal (Advanced Scars, Wounds and SFX)
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The Silicone Solution and Not All Bloods Are Created Equal (Advanced Scars, Wounds and SFX)

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Anchored in the application of Silicone Modeling Compounds and Alcohol Based Make-Ups, this workshop will explore advanced alternatives to the use of Liquid Latex and Cream Make-ups in the creation of scars, wounds, burns and other theatrical effects. While reviewing and exploring the “industry standards” in Latex-centered applications, this portion of the workshop will specifically addresses the inherent advantages of silicone based compounds to those of liquid latex and latex based appliances.

Additionally, this workshop will explore the differences (pro and cons) of different types and brands of bloods and a variety of applications and techniques with regards to bloodwork and trauma effects.

“Not all bloods are created equal” is an accurate assessment of the differences between drying bloods, squirt bloods, flowing bloods, blood gels and blood pastes. When working with theatrical bloods there are many issues to consider: color, the narrative of the effect, toxicity and “washability” and, of course, budget.

Choosing the right blood for the right project can make a significant difference for all parties concerned: the producers, the actors and the technicians (especially those attending to the care and maintenance of sets, props and costumes).

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