Foam Clay: The “Magic” Material
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Foam Clay: The “Magic” Material

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Class Description

This workshop will explore the various uses of a relatively new material – Foam Clay.

Straight out of the container, Foam Clay is a malleable dough. It’s a little bit stretchy, and takes impressions well. You can use just about anything to shape it, from sculpting tools to even just your fingers. Once you’re done shaping it, let it air dry for 48 hours. This is where the magic happens – Your Foam Clay sculpture transforms from being a soft, wet putty into a piece of flexible and durable EVA foam.

Bump it, squeeze it, drop it, the Foam Clay can take the hit and keeps its shape. It’s super light too, weighing only 1/3 of its original weight. As anyone who makes large masks or head-pieces for actors knows – the lighter the better.

Foam Clay can also be painted just like regular EVA Foam.

Foam Clay is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to build pieces that require organic or detailed shapes – think along the lines of horns and vines, or gothic jewelry or anything with complex curves that isn’t easily cut straight from conventional flat EVA foam sheets – this is truly a “Magic” material.

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