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Eternal Lighting


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TL Item#: 76393 MFR Part#: XT-STUBUPC#: 0726670584465 Category: Wireless DMX

Eternal Lighting's new and more compact Wireless DMX receiver is the Eternal Lighting XT-STUB. Eternal Lighting has used a more powerful strength wireless receiver in the XT-STUB and made it smaller in size to eliminate the protruding antenna. This Wireless DMX receiver operates on a 2.4 gHz signal and works in conjuntion with their XT-Mitter Standard Version as well at the XT-Mitter Pro and XT-Stick.

Features & Technical Specifications

  • Operates on 2.4Ghz Frequency
  • Wireless DMX Receiver
  • NEW Compact Design with longer receiver range and no antenna sticking out that can potentially break off during use.
  • Easy to use
  • Line of sight operation Up to 1,000 Feet
  • One transmitter can communicate with unlimited receivers
  • Programming via 7-color LED for ease of use
  • Compatible with any of the Eternal Lighting Products with wireless DMX Built in. Also the XT-Mitter, XT-Mitter Pro, or the XT-Stick.


  • 1 XT-STUB DMX Receiver.
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