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100 Plus

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TL Item#: 78846 MFR Part#: 61318 Category: Stage Lighting Controllers

The Philips Strand 100 plus series console is a small, simple to use, pre-set lighting control desk with a theatrical cue stack of 99 memories.

It can be operated in 24 channel single scene mode or 12 channel two scene mode. In single scene mode multiple scenes can be set with the hold feature. The console also has the ability to run a single effect.

Product Features

  • Fully digital control console
  • 99 memories
  • 12 channel 2 scene pre-set, 24 channel single scene pre-set operation with unique hold function in single scene mode
  • Built in effect playback
  • Designed for portable or rack mounting applications with removable end caps to facilitate rack mounting
  • Split crossfader with time fade function
  • Bump buttons
  • DMX512-A output
  • Supplied with 90-240 Volt CE, UL, cUL universal power supply
  • Two year limited warranty
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