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Vista D1 Distributed Processor ea

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TL Item#: 88100 MFR Part#: JAVISTAD1 Category: Stage Lighting Controllers

The Jands Vista D1 expands the DMX processing capabilities of the entire Vista range. The rack mount D1 connects via Ethernet to a Vista console, Windows or Mac system and provides an additional 8192 channels (16 DMX universes). For even bigger systems just add more D1s.

Inside the D1 there’s a high performance Intel processor, 16GB of RAM , a Solid State Drive and gigabit ethernet connection to maximise playback performance and minimise latency. Fixtures can either be connected to the D1 over a network using Art-Net or sACN, or directly via the D1s eight DMX-512 outputs.

With a colour touchscreen LCD the Vista D1 is simple to configure and quick to troubleshoot. Multi colour LED indicators located on frontpanel make is easy to see DMX activity for each of the 8 outputs as well as the unit’s power, disk and network status.

One or more D1’s can be used to provide additional channels for Vista consoles configured for tracking backup, and will automatically link to whichever console is active. For complete peace of mind a spare D1 can be added to a system and it will take over processing if an active D1 fails.


  • Processor : Intel i7-2600 3.4GHz
  • Memory : 16GB DDR3
  • Data Storage : 60GB SSD
  • Display : Touchscreen LCD (480 x 272 px)
  • Gigabit Ethernet : RJ45 Ethercon
  • DMX512 Output : Eight x E1.11-2008 protocol AXR 5-pin socket
  • USB : 4 Type A
  • Monitor Output : VGA
  • Power supply : Universal 90-264VAC 50/60Hz
  • Cooling : Variable speed fan cooled
  • Dimensions : 483mm wide x 422mm deep x 88mm (2RU) high
  • Net / Shipping weight : 10 / 12kg
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