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SB36W Studio Boom Stand w/Wheels SB36W

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TL Item#: 78852 Category: Mic Stands

This top-of-the-line boom stand with wheels features a variable, piston-type air suspension system to ensure microphone protection. It is equipped with silent-motion, ball-bearing swivel casters of hard rubber for friction-free and vibration-absorbing mobility.

The two-piece horizontal boom assembly is formed from 7/8" diameter cold rolled steel with a heavy-duty, die-cast, gyromatic swivel and an adjustable 6-lb. counterweight for precise and secure orientation. Tubing terminates with an adjustable mic holder swivel, complete with standard 5/8" - 27 thread to accept all microphones, holders, and adapters. Guide clips are supplied for cable attachment.

The vertical tube assembly is manufactured of 11/8" and 7/8" chrome-plated cold rolled steel and includes the wearproof Atlas Sound grip-action clutch for easy adjustment and positive locking. With the included wheels, the SB36W's height span is 49" to 73". The triangular cast metal base with edge-concentrated weight distribution offers extra stability and is finished in ebony epoxy with a chrome shell.


  • Adjustable 6-lb. Counterweight Provides Precision, Balance, and Stability
  • Caster-Equipped Model Offers Silent and Effortless Mobility
  • Made To High Quality Standards
  • Professional Boom Stand for Stage and Studio Use
  • Rugged Construction and Heavy-Duty Components Assure Long Service Life
  • Variable, Piston-Type Air Suspension System Ensures Microphone Protection
  • Wearproof, Three-Piece Clutch Offers Secure, Fast, and Noise-Free Adjustment


  • Tube Style: Two-Section
  • Boom Counter Weight: Adjustable, 6 lbs
  • Boom Length: 62"
  • Stand Height: 49" - 73"
  • Shipping Weight: 40.00 lbs (18.14 kgs)
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