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ME2 Ellipsoidal Non DMX Single

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TL Item#: 68229 MFR Part#: ME2-120BK Category: Ellipsoidals

The ME2 ellipsoidal is a state of the art pattern projector with a 25 to 45 degree variable zoom focus. The anti-reflective coated, high performance lenses deliver bright & crisp pattern or graphic projections via an optional steel or glass E size pattern. The dual lenses of the ME2 move smoothly and evenly on guide rods with Teflon bushings to provide accurate alignment. Four framing shutters are provided for precise cropping of the projected light. The ME2’s small size and projection optics makes it perfect for museums, retail, restaurant and all architectural venues re- quiring a small ellipsoidal framing projector.

This is the non-DMX Version.


  • Compatible w/Altman Smart TrackTM
  • Track, Canopy, Stem and Unistrut options
  • Dual Layer high performance coated lenses for optimum optical performance
  • 20°-40°Zoom focus on Teflon & rod guide system
  • Four framing shutters w/ insulated handles
  • Accepts glass or steel E-Size patterns or M-Spin dual gobo rotator
  • Dimmable 75W, 12V short circuit and thermal pro- tected electronic transformer
  • Color frame and safety cable included
  • U.L., c.U.L., ETL, cETL or CE listed for 75 watts.
  • Made in the USA
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