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GamColor 20"x24" Sheet

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TL Item#: 78989 Category: Color Gels & Filters

The Difference Between Deep-dyed and Surface-dyed

GamColor is deep-dyed polyester color that is linked into the polyester, not surface coated. Polyester is the most durable of the expendable color filter materials.

Polyester and polycarbonate are the two most widely used materials for color filters. They have replaced gelatin and acetate which were used for many years. The new materials have been chosen because they are more durable. Of the two, polyester is the most durable and has been selected as the base film for GamColor filters.

GamColor is deep-dyed polyester the color is linked molecularly into the polyester. There is a distinct advantage to this process over surface-coated polyester. The deep-dye process is more difficult to remove because it disturbs the molecular structure. Once the color is placed into the film it becomes difficult for color to evaporate or depart from the polyester base. In contrast, surface coated polyesters are more susceptible to fading when exposed to heat since the coating is merely placed on the surface and can readily evaporate.

To compete with the more durable deep-dyed polyester (GamColor) some manufacturers have chosen to dye in the mass polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is much easier to dye and takes the color more readily than polyester. Using this process may make it easier to dye, but it also fades faster. Polycarbonates are less durable than polyester under high temperature conditions.


The GamColor system divides the visible spectrum into nine color sections convenient to the lighting designer. It is a circular classification of colors by hue, referencing the primaries, secondaries and important subdivisions. GamColors are numbered in color sections as follows:

  • 100-Magenta
  • 200-Red
  • 300-Orange
  • 400-Yellow
  • 500-Yellow Green
  • 600-Green
  • 700-Blue Green
  • 800-Blue
  • 900-Violet

Size: 20" x 24" sheets (50.8cm x 60.96cm)


Available Options/Colors/Sizes: Click on sample image once to see name, then again to see larger version (if applicable).

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