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About Techland Houston - Our Story

In The Beginning

Techland Houston Storefront

In 2007, before Techland Houston became it's own entity, Bright Star Productions was located in a 10,000 SF warehouse located in the heart of the Houston's Rice Village. As a company, we were struggling with sizable growth. Our production team was working at critical mass with little room to accommodate growth. In order to support all of our shows and events, we needed more equipment and more people. Our facility was maxed out and space would become our biggest problem. So the hunt began for a new facility.

As a part of any company re-location, we had to make sure there was ample room for expansion. For several years we had discussed expanding in many directions that paralleled the products and services we already offered. After numerous discussions – most of which happened in the company kitchen and our neighborhood bar and grill – we knew that a supply store offering all of the supplies and expendables that our industry uses on a daily basis, would be a benefit to us and to Houston's theatrical community.

Expansion Time

Just like you, we've experienced the need for last-minute and locally stocked items. Often In the theatre business, you can't foresee certain aspects of last minute changes and the type of equipment being used and their necessary expendables have always been considered non-shelf items. From time to time, this would put us in a real bind. We wanted to lessen the stress of these emergencies by having those specialty items available and in-stock.

We found an old furniture warehouse in Houston's historical Washington Corridor. The facility was perfect for our needs as a theatrical production company and had an ideal space for a supply store. Our passion has always been theatre. We wanted to use our new space to provide our surrounding area with quality products from the top down. Not only to be known as an audio-visual company but to provide professional products for costuming, makeup artists, set designers and prop builders. To provide these products only wouldn’t be enough. We would need to provide workshops, technical support, manufacturer forum’s, and many other support options. This would ensure that our customers experience is more than just a purchase but a relationship. We had a plan, we had a space, but more importantly, we had a passion for theatre and dance – and we called it Techland Houston.


Techland Houston now sits in the shadow of downtown Houston located right next to the second largest theater district in the nation. The facility is now Houston's largest scenic, audio-visual, cosplay and costuming supply outlet. At a massive 66,000 SF, we offer audio visual system design and installation, scenic curtains and stage rigging, prop making supplies, stage and special FX makeup, prosthetics and so much more. We also stock expendables for the dance and architectural industries. As an added advantage we offer many training seminars throughout the year as TechlandU in our new demonstration space which we also make available for product comparisons, trade meetings and design sessions.

We carry products from over 150 manufacturers which we keep in stock and are available on the shelf on a daily basis:

We have spent countless hours carefully choosing our product offering to ensure that we sell the highest quality products at the most competitive price. We take pride in knowing that our staff ranks highest in customer service and are knowledgeable about our craft. We believe that your experience with us will be a pleasant one. If you haven't had a chance to visit, come on by -- we'd love to have you. As always, If there is anything we can do better, I would love to hear from you!

Break a leg!

2420 Center St, Suite 100, Houston TX 77007 | United States | 832-518-5583